Fly away, my butterfly.

Your soul has set its sails.

It’s time to cast your anchor

And begin your fairytale.


Let loose your screams of triumph.

The future is bright and near.

Let your coffee eyes speak of promise

And eclipse any darkened fear.


Chocolate and amber hues of dreams

A smile of enlightened rainbows

Curls that flow deep like the roots from the Earth

The world has received its memo


The lion is out from its confining cage

The doubts and worries, let them flee.

A promise of victory awaits at the bay

Cast your anchor, love. You’re free.


The storms and rains of uncertainty

Will pour down on you on your way

Yet, the skies have not yet heard your roar

That will always get you your way.


Galaxies of hopes and faith

Islands of potential

Promise me you’ll seek the path

That shows us your credentials.


Fly away, my butterfly.

The world awaits your reign.

Show them what diamonds in the rough are made of.

Show them your beauty and brains.


Your fairytale has turned a page

Don’t close your eyes, don’t wait.

Leave us all behind in your wake

Show us what it’s like to be great.

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