In the name of Patriarchy, Consumerism, and Holy Yeezus

Ok now ladiessss.

(Let’s assume you said yeahh!)

What if I told you that we could use misogyny, trendy fashion, and none other than the individual god complex we have come to know and maybe love about Kanye, the self-proclaimed Yeezus for our own personal benefit?

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What if that doesn’t make any sense?

Keep reading, babe.

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The year is 2017. We have social media, our very own marketable platforms to advertise our lifestyles and the glamorous corners of our inner cores. With a click of a like button, we have the start of a following. Disciples, to worship and glorify us. You can show what you want, cut out what you don’t want, and leave a carbon copy of that YOU that you designed for your own stage.

The goddess of this skill would be none other than Yeezus’ wife herself, Kim Kardashian West.



Kim is the face of sexuality today that we see for women on all platforms, and has become one of the wealthiest women in business because of it.

But, let’s pause for a second: sexuality. Actually, more specifically FEMALE sexuality.

What we see today on television, music videos, INSTAGRAM (I can definitely say at least ¼ of my Instagram photos have played into this role, no shame), is this vast interplay of a level of female empowerment that not only slaps feminism and its ideals in its face, but also flirts with misogyny that we’ve allowed men to adopt and fuck into normalcy.

Ya know what I’m talking about.

The revealing posts, the arched backs and the side boob poses, booty poked to perfection.

FullSizeRender (17)FullSizeRender (20)FullSizeRender (19)

Without getting into who started what and how this pattern arose, we can still stick Kim’s face on the front of the package.

She represents all that we as a society have come to view for female sexuality.

From the 16th century all the way until the 19th, sexuality was seen as the forbidden fruit, the thing who must not be named, and sex was a God-given practice that should only be used behind closed doors to lead up to procreation.

Follow the recipe, vanilla, straight to the point.

We see the role of a woman shift slightly to a way more repressed position where she is a good woman—one with values and morals that uphold the “virginal” perspective. Where sex is not wanted, and sexuality does not “exist”. It’s either that or you’re a whore, wearing a bright red W on your breast, because sexuality is immoral and abasing the woman of her entire being.

The female becomes a housewife later on in the years, filled with dutiful inspiration to uphold the household in daily house chores and a good attitude.


The start of the splicing we begin to see between sex and sexuality was in the 60s when birth control pills allowed women to separate the idea of sex from its definition—to procreate.


Oh, wow.

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Can sex just be enjoyable? What a thought.

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Fast forward to the year twenty seventeen and here we are. Up 88% from 2013 with the amount of butt augmentations, with requests like “one like Nicki Minaj” or  more commonly, “Kim K.”


Where women take a rib cage out (a procedure done mostly in Brazil, most American doctors refuse to do it) or wear waist trainers or get surgery to receive the sexualized hourglass body. Where sex is exchanged like dollar bills, and the female body IS currency.


But what exactly is the price?


There’s a lot that ties into this so buckle up.


Welcome to the world of masculinity, a society we live in where patriarchy still rules.

(Proud of the women who fight this and are changing the status quo we have all been born and raised into. Y’all da truth.)

For those who are not familiar with this term, let me define it simply: it has shaped the ideologies for men and women for centuries. It leads women to believe that their ideas, thoughts, and life roles are of subservience to men.

giphy-downsized (7)


What men think, feel, and produce, is considered to be more important than what women produce, feel, and think.

giphy-downsized (8)

We have seen this in so many different elements in daily life.

Sexuality seems to be one of the main places that has still adopted this patriarchal view regardless of time and generational viewpoints.

Nowadays, women are considered objects, their bodies prized and put on display for show. Where their bodies are pretty much THE product that’s selling and the actual product just an accessory.




Magazine photos of female models being sexually ogled, like fuck-able packages of meat.



Music videos, where scantily clad women are the background, surrounding men in a worshiping manner.

ayegiphy-downsized (10)

giphy-downsized (11)


Next stop: consumerism.


Millennials’ favorite past time.


What used to be cherished by the wealthy and well off is now cherished by all in an era of cheap, fast, stylish clothing afforded by all in a series of what I call trickle down fashion.

To keep faith in my argument, we will use the example of Ye’s clothing line.

A raggedy “distressed” look he has adopted that I could probably achieve by leaving a sweater on the ground and letting my cats destroy with their claws for about ten minutes is now on famous displays like New York Fashion Week  (SIDE NOTE–Season 5 has shown growth in his style, with some outfits looking less unkempt and bummy. )

Running on caffeinated prices of $1,500+ dolla bills.

YeezyYeezy price

Because the average person cannot reasonably afford those prices as well as other designer prices, we see it copied in stores they can afford.

Forever 21. Charlotte Russe. H&M.

Yeezy Forever 21Yeezy Forever 21 price

Fashion has gone from a coveted and elite commodity to a one size fits all bandwagon.

And ties into the interplay of sexuality.

Recent fashion trends not only enhance the essence of sexuality in what we see today but is also amplified in the realm of social media.

Consumerism sells just as “sex” sells on this platform.

If your page has ANY type of traffic, companies will contact you (mainly women) with free apparel or free body enhancements and lose-weight-fast schemes to model and post on your social pages.

FullSizeRender (21)
KYLIE JENNER, for example

And it’s not just distressed sweaters that sell. It’s the revealing clothing. The clothes that want you to show them off, want you to gain attention, want you to advertise your platform.

“Models” are grown from the roots of smart social media advertising with one simple recipe: trendy, sexualized, and an aura of narcissism that intrigues viewership.


Yeah, I know, haven’t talked about the last ingredient to this recipe.

                KANYE. WEST.

You have to admit—this guy has the ultimate self-belief.

It’s so contagious, that others have faith in his vision, in his goals to sell overly priced simple fashion, and his objective of being the god that walks among men.

giphy-downsized (4)

The robinhood that saves us all from low self-esteem and ignorance of iconic style trends.

He calls himself Yeezus, but the people have spoken; scratch what I said earlier. The people have proclaimed him Yeezus.

giphy-downsized (12)

How does this all add up?





How do you go from being sexually objectified through your own body and consumer inclinations and adding in extreme confidence?

It’s simple.

OWN who you are.

FullSizeRender (22)


Nahhh, but forreal.

This post may have seemed like it was deflecting the terms and issues addressed, but it was only speaking on what is prominent in today’s material matters.

We do live in a society where the three topics listed above can be toxic if used separately.

But the recipe has been given to you.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are undoubtedly one of the most controversial couples in our era.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Everything else aside, I believe in taking what is good and squeezing out the great from everything.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your brand. Believe in your persona.

There are those of us out there who slut shame. And I say us because females can be dirty sometimes.

This hate and judgement is where misogyny lives and breathes. Where patriarchal devotees have access to the weakness of femaledom.

Our inability to accept and honor what we have and see it as beautiful.

Support one another.

giphy-downsized (9)

We are not objects or empty vessels to be judged on what we do or do not do.

We are not models of what is or is not acceptable.

Our bodies, our decisions, our choices.

Sexuality is not consent for our male counterparts to deem us as immoral or as less than.

It is not the consent to let our fellow females to deem us as immoral or less than.

It is also not consent to tell anyone who does not partake in what is considered “sexual” or objectifying that they’re wrong.

I don’t know how many other ways I can say this: Let us all prosper.

giphy (4)

We are all Yeezuses.

We should all believe in the vision we see for ourselves.

And most importantly, we should all have the choice to do whatever the hell we want.

In the name of Patriarchy, Consumerism, and Holy Yeezus.


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