I want that back.

That feeling of

Cloud 9.

The feeling in between my ribcage

Where my heart pumps pounds of blood

Faster and faster and faster

When I catch a glimpse

Of you.

I want you back.

In my arms.

Remember when we hated each other?

I do.

That was fifteen years ago.

When the sun rose and set on the face of our mothers.

Memories of matching blankets.

Making faces at each other

And pinching.

Remember when we first kissed?

I do.

That was three years ago.

When our eyes lingered on each other

Speaking words

With our lips not moving at all.


Remember when we jumped in the lake,

Holding our breaths at the bottom?

I do.

That was two weeks ago.

You didn’t resurface with me.

I remember your bright eyes, staring at me.


Wanting to hold your breath longer than me,

I let you win.

I left you down there in the murky water,

My breath catching, my lungs burning.

I gasped for air as water splashed everywhere.

I called your name.

Do you remember?

I do.

That was two weeks ago.

I want you back.

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