My Love For You is Blue

If my love for you were a color, I’d say blue. Everyone thinks that love is red, fiery and passionate, bursting with a rage of feelings and emotions. That’s what books feed you, novels of romance where the imminence of soul-quenching love comes in the form of your hopes and dreams, where your love can be wrapped up in one single happily ever after, The End. That’s what movies show; a few one liners, touchy hands, flirty looks, he likes Games of Thrones just like me, omg-we’re-soulmates, passionate, fruitless love, that ends with a thirty second sex scene to hip music, a dramatic climax, and then a happily ever after, The End  is shoved down our throats along with the rolling credits. That’s what I came to believe. I should be looking for love in hues of red, where the sparks fly crimson, which usually means danger. Where the mystery of fate causes my stomach to do pirouettes into my throat, bc love has captured my soul and thrown out my common sense. Where red flashes before my eyes and I don’t see the risk behind that flawed happily ever after, and I’m blinded by cherry colored fairytales sugarcoated into promises that don’t exist.

No. My love for you is blue. Blue and electric, electric blue. My safe haven of warmth, born from the unexpected encounter of meeting someone out of the blue. Safe, and mystifying. Every moment, every level of understanding and connecting, of learning you jolting me alive. My love for you is the color of sapphires, shining bright with certainty, with familiarity. If my thoughts of you were colors, they’d be rainbows of blue, showering me with fervor. You are a shocking force of energy that orbits my galaxy of thoughts, making me sound of mind, clearing the clouds in my head. They say logic goes out the window when you’re in love, and yet you’re the best decision I’ve made. Blue. Arctic love. Dynamic and strong. Exhilarating and free. Cut from my hopes and dreams and sent to me in diamond form, unbending and indestructible.

My love for you is blue.

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