To My Daughter

Search my face for the wolf within

I will tell my daughter

See her staring back at you in my eyes

Feel her heart breathe fire

hear the power of a thousand moons

from one stroke of her essence

She was borne from me

& born from you

believe in her

I will say as I

stare into her eyes

I cannot let the world scare her

cannot let her believe in the moon

when she is the brightest thing that


I’ve seen what life can do to


seen it strip the color from

our heroes

Does she know that I am


does she feel it beat against my chest

to the sound of the hope I

feed her

Save yourself, my darling

keep your

w   i   l   d

don’t let the village throw you to the


Become it.


-Poems by Alex McKay


Instagrams: @patchworkvibes & @alex_andrathegreat



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