Get The Look: Fun in the Sun

Let me tell you, it was HOT today. And this is coming from the person who doesn’t use AC unless I have friends over and keeps my seat warmers on even during the summer.

God Bless bodies of water and sandals that are easy to take off.

I got this overall top when I happened to be leaving the mall for one specific thing. My subconscious must have sniffed out the sale going on in Forever 21 and slowly guided me to this lovely lemon top on the first rack I saw (if you’ve ever been in Forever 21, you know it’s easier getting Rahn to actually Stahhhhhp than it is only purchasing from one rack of clothing).

If you didn’t get my Jersey Shore reference, then good. Probably shouldn’t be watching trash television anyway.

This overall top was probably supposed to be a dress–actually it definitely was.

I’m 5’10 with long legs which means sometimes, I have to be creative with what I wear, or spend a longer time than normal finding things that fit my long and slightly curvy frame.

I wore shorts underneath this “top.” I also decided to pair it with a green V Neck I got from H&M, and these super comfortable, super convenient hunter green sandals that I found online. And on my wrist? A hunter green watch I got from a boutique in Nashville.

I fell in love with this “top” because it automatically screamed SUMMER to me. The bright yellow of the lemons on top of a bright white backdrop of the top. The hint of green in the lemon leaves. In summer, we wear bright things. And this was just the right amount of bright, trendy, and casual for this chill day out with a friend!


The grand total for this entire outfit is only….

$75! My watch was the most expensive part of this outfit, so if you took that away, your pockets will only have to spare about $45! I told you I was a bougie penny pincher😉

Click below to get the look for your closet!

Top/Dress: Lemon Print Overall Dress, Forever 21

Shirt: V-Necks (always on sale!), H&M

Shoes: SandalUp Elastic Sandals, Amazon


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Alex McKay




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