Get To Know Me

Hi, babes!

Since I have grown a little bit more and am continuing to grow a following for this blog, I wanted to make a little post reintroducing myself:)

My name is Alexandra, but Alex for short:)

I started this blog because I missed writing every day. I absolutely love getting to read others’ posts on here and have them read mine as well. It’s such a loving and welcoming community of people on here, and I’m so glad that I decided to start this blog and have met some awesome people along the way!

So without further ado, here are some fun and interesting facts about yours truly!



1. I am currently a television news producer and fill-in reporter.

This is what I do during the week. I currently work the morning shift from 12am (midnight) to 9am. My job is to produce our 5 AM and 6 AM morning shows and go report or chase any stories that may happen during my shift. I’ve been in this job for a little over a year.

IMG_4046 (1)
Me at the Anchor Desk!

2. I have a tattoo on my back in kanji, or Japanese writing.

For two years, I researched the perfect representation of my name. My name (Alexandra) is derived from the name Alexander. In Greek, it is defined as “defender of men, warrior.” I absolutely love my name and I think it speaks volumes that it should mean warrior. I am so proud of myself for being able to overcome any obstacle in my way; and I also wanted a reminder for the days when I don’t feel that way. I have ALWAYS been obsessed with Asian culture, so I researched for two years the perfect Japanese lettering for my back that meant Warrior. There are several definitions and ways to write Warrior in Kanji. The one I ended up liking is defined as Brave Warrior.


Brave Warrior

3. I have been writing since I was 5 years old.

But seriously. I used to make poems for my parents and write stories and stories every day after school. I would put together screenplays for my cousins and I to act out in front of the family, and I would write love letters to celebrities and even boys in my class I happened to like. Yes, I was that kid. I was always my English teacher’s favorite student and was always told to read my papers to the class as examples to the rest of the students on how their papers should be written. I took a Travel Writing class in Italy, and my professor would always tell me after class that I should consider writing as my profession. I’ve received awards and have had my work published in online magazines, campus magazines, and in community contests as a child.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
7th Grade. God Bless Dr. Keown!
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Travel Writing in Italy 2015

Someday, I hope to publish a novel and become a NY Times Best Seller:)

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Me in My Studio Apartment. I LOVE tigers, so that painting above my bed is EVERYTHING to me.


4. My family calls me Lexi. My friends call me Alex.

Interesting story here. I used to go by Lexi and still do with my family. The reason why is because I have a cousin with THE EXACT same first and last name as me, and she goes by Alex, as well. Because I was born first, my parents went through picking nicknames for me. They loved Alexandra, but it is a fairly long name, so it definitely needed a nickname. They started off calling me Alexa, but that felt unfinished, so they went with Lexi instead. I later decided to go by Alex because Lexi seemed to young for me the older I got. But I will always be Lexi to them:)

5. Most people do not know that I am terrified of caterpillars and horses.

These fears always seem to blossom from childhood memories. I used to LOVE caterpillars; I would let them crawl all over me when I was younger, and my brother and I would catch a bunch of them and keep them in a box on our outdoor adventures after school. This seems irrational as I write it, but the reason I stopped liking them was because one day (WARNING: THIS IS GROSS), I was at the playground, climbing the stairs to the slide. And a big, fat, green caterpillar was inching its way up the stairs. It was sooooo big, and my eight year old self got the thought in my head to step on it for that one reason. I did, and I had never heard a louder pop. Guts were ALL over my shoe, and I screamed and ran away from the area. Ever since then, no caterpillars for me.

As for horses, I think that they are the most majestic animals on this planet. They are BEAUTIFUL. I grew up around horses. My grandfather owned a few and his neighbor also had horses that he allowed us to feed when we came to visit. I remember when I was five and my dad put some carrots into my hand to feed the horse. I remember him telling me to keep my hand flat and open so that the horse could just grab the carrots off of my tiny palm. I also remember not listening. The horse bit my hand trying to grab the carrots and I started crying and the horse got spooked. Another irrational fear, I know. I still force myself to ride them and pet them, because I do want to get over this fear.

Get To Know Me
Me in Tuscany, Italy riding in the countryside. This was after my roommate got bucked off of her horse and broke her finger, and I damn near got off my horse right after. But this view was beautiful, and my horse was SO sweet:)

6. I cannot live without coffee or tea.

I have at least two cups of coffee a day, and Lemon Lift or Green Tea packets can always be found in my purse or in my kitchen:)

7. I am obsessed with Zodiacs, Myers Briggs, Numerology, etc.

Do not get me started on this. I love asking my friends to take these tests; I’ve made so many people tell me their zodiac signs (including my boyfriend, who doesn’t believe in them whatsoever and refuses to talk about any of it haha), and I LOVE sifting through meme after meme of Zodiac Signs and Myers Briggs Jokes. My favorite one to look at on Instagram is @notallgeminis . Reading about this stuff is SO much fun to me! 🙂

8. I love all music, but my absolute favorite is Trap, EDM, House. All the above.

I don’t really have any favorite artists; I go off of the beat of the song. If I like it, it’s going on my playlist. EDM music makes me so excited and it really helps me stay energized throughout the day. I could listen to any type of music, really. Music really moves me, and it definitely unites a group of people. My dad introduced me to House Music when I was little, so maybe that is why I love this genre so much!

Below is a little video I did of me, my boyfriend, and two friends at Hangout Music Festival:)


9. I listen to podcasts when I am in the car.

I do not like driving! Another fact about me. The only time driving is ever fun for me is when my friends and I are bored and we decide to just drive around and have deep conversations (this is actually a really fun thing to do with friends!) at night.

When I’m driving, ESPECIALLY in traffic or on long road trips, I love to listen to podcasts to help the time go away. My favorites are Hidden Brain by NPR and Ted Radio Hour by NPR.

Hidden Brain is so intriguing. This podcast reveals “the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships.”

It has definitely kept me distracted from long drives. And I learn A LOT.

hidden brain

And TED Radio Hour is “a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.”

If you ever need some brain power to get through the day or refresh your mind on a few topics, this podcast is for you!

TED Radio Hour

10. I cry at sad commercials and movies.

If you haven’t seen me tear up yet, it’s either because I am gritting my teeth to stop myself from crying when literally no one else is, or I’ve already wiped my tears away.

I am a SUCKER for sweet and sad videos, commercials, writing, books, etc. But at the same time, I LOVE getting in my feels, so I don’t mind it too much:)

IMG_5740 (1)

Thanks so much for reading!

And please, share your answers with me:) I would love to hear them! I will be doing more of these the more followers I get so it would be awesome if I could get to know you guys in the process as well!

Instagram: @alex_andrathegreat 



Love always,

Alex McKay


  1. Kelsey Marie

    Girl you are so beautiful it’s not even funny you have the perfect face. Also, I think your job is so cool! I’ve always been interested in producing and that’s actually what I’m in college for currently! I, too, always cry at movies because I’m such a wimp. I loved getting to know more about you, and I love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex McKay

      Thank youuuuu! ♥️♥️ that’s so awesome! Let me know if you have any questions about it, I’ll definitely help you out! I love producing, it’s so much fun! I actually didn’t want to produce, I wanted to be on air but I now like working behind the scenes way more:) thanks for the follow, I can’t wait to read your posts from now on! ☺️💕


  2. Manessah B.

    I really enjoyed reading this! That poor caterpillar though! hahaha 😂

    You and I have a lot of shared interests! EDM is my jam when I need to get pumped during the day! I have a playlist dedicated to nothing but electronic music (which is my favorite genre).

    You are so interesting and such a beautiful spirit, Alex! Much love to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex McKay

      Hahaha ewww I hate even thinking about it.
      Omg you like EDM too?!?? We’re going to have to share some of our songs with each other! I feel like I’ve found my soul mate! Hahaha💕💕 no one really likes EDM as much as I do.
      Thanks for reading, love! ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Manessah B.

        Hehehe! The popping sound will always linger! ewww!

        Yes, I’m a BIG EDM fan. Steve Aoki, Benny Benazzi (did I spell that right? lol) David Guetta, Tiesto… Oh my gosh I could go on and on! We definitely have to share our favorite music. Looks like I’ve found my EDM sister!

        You’re very welcome, Alex! 😁


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