Travel: Seattle, Washington

Hi, babes!


I am backkkkk from my trip to Seattle.

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Rattlesnake Ledge. Isn’t this GORGEOUS?? Hiked from that tiny little beach down by the water:)

This is my absolute favorite place to go, ESPECIALLY during the summer.

Has anyone ever been there?

My parents live there now, so I love that I have a place to stay while I’m there (otherwise, it would be SUPER expensive!) I live in Tennessee, so plane tickets from here to Seattle, Washington are around 500-700 dollars, unless you can manage to find some deals.


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Visual Depiction of Me Escaping My Problems

Before I went there, I googled Seattle and what it was like to live there. A quick Google search will tell you that the weather sucks and you’ll see a LOT of what people call “The Seattle Freeze.”

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I’m here to debunk one, if not both of those.

The weather, for one, is different than any any other place I have been to. There are not four seasons in Washington like a lot of other states have. It is cloudy and drizzles a lot during the “winter” and “fall” seasons, which is about 75% of the year. But, in the “summer seasons”…it is the prettiest place I have ever seen. The sun doesn’t go down until 9 or 10 at night, the weather is around 70 – 80 degrees (which is SO MUCH better than a humid 90 degrees that feels like 110 in Tennessee and your hair turns into a lion’s mane minutes after you step outside). There is a coffee shop on every corner (because what is better than coffee and pastries on rainy days), it is home to Starbucks Headquarters, and it is so, so green and beautiful here because of the rain during the other seasons. You can see the mountains in the distance on sunny days FROM THE CITY. Mount Rainier is visible from my parents’ place in the city. I will NEVER get sick of that view.

Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier, from Google Images

As for “The Seattle Freeze,” this is ultimately defined as people basically being cold and unapproachable. That may be the case in the winter, when it’s rainy and all everyone wants to do is be inside and cozy up…but I have never experienced this. The people there are SO nice. I have talked to people that live there and they have told me that people here are extremely welcoming and nice to you on the surface, but they won’t ask you out to dinner or to hang out with them until you’ve gotten to know them…which sounds NORMAL. I think that is more authentic to actually make sure you like someone before you hang out with them. Here in Tennessee, I feel like people are very fake, in the sense that they will pretend to be best friends with you when they first meet you, but it is a very inauthentic approach, and they may not truly feel that way about you.

Hanging Outside in one of the city’s parks!

It’s kind of like New York, where people think everyone there is rude and mean, when really, they are just extremely blunt. But everyone has their preferences!

Look how cuteeee! While I was there, a Gay Pride Parade and Festival was going on, and this was one of the little floats in the parade! 🙂

To me, Seattle is such a perfect mix of city life and outdoor adventures. The night life is spread apart in different neighborhoods in the city, depending on what type of scene you are looking for. It is home to a lot of ELECTRONIC MUSIC, which is a plus in my book. And if you wanted a day of camping, hiking, skiing, whale watching, etc., that’s all available to you 45 minutes outside of the city.

Not to mention that a lot of the population is of Asian descent, so that means…there’s a lot of Asian restaurants and food! My favorite!

Pike’s Place Market. If you haven’t been, GO. Best place ever.
San Juan Islands, about 2 hours away from Seattle by boat. This is where we went whale watching!
Such a cute town!

Ahhh, so much about this city I absolutely LOVE. I honestly didn’t want to come back to my life here in Tennessee. BUT, that’s what vacations are for, small indulgences to break up the repetition in life. That’s what makes them so much sweeter:)

Mom and I before hiking up to the mountain!

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Would love to get to know some more lovely faces! 🙂


Love always,


Alex McKay


  1. Nicculent

    You’re so beautiful and so are all of these pictures.I think I’m obsessed with the way your hair looks.I’m so happy that you had a great time!It’s the weirdest that when I’m starting school, my fellow bloggers are on summer vacations (geographic difference )haha<33Love this!

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