Get the Look: May the Fourth Be With You

Okay, I’m sorry.

That was super corny.

Happy 242nd Independence Day to America!!! How are you guys celebrating today?

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Did you know that some cities are actually replacing firework shows with….drones? That’s basically like watching television! Would y’all rather go to an old fashioned fireworks show or a drone show?

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I love this outfit because it’s simple, and along with my hair, it makes me look like a Black Marilyn Monroe.

Channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe!

I also rarely wear white, because it tends to make my waist look bigger than it normally is. But I absolutely loved this dress! As you guys know, I am tall, so a lot of clothes have a lower waist line than where mine actually is. BUT, this dress was in line with what God gave me, so you can say it was a good day!

I paired it with a simple red lipstick from MAC (my favorite brand!).

My best friend and I went to an all-white mansion party, so I had to make sure I matched the theme.

Getting ready for the day had to be paused to take some cute pics! Adventures with Jade and Saigon (our undercover names we say in public!)
She’s literally like my big sister. Meaning we fight all the time. But I love her to death!

Details below!


Dress: All White Affair Dress, Fashion Nova (They don’t sell this anymore, but I attached a link with a similar look! This is a website I get some of my Night Out outfits if I’m in a hurry!)  – $45

Shoes: Master of One Platforms, LolaShoetique – $32

Lipstick: Red Rock, MAC – $18.50


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Love always,


Alex McKay

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