It’s the absence of counting the months, knowing they will turn into years. It’s the film that falls from her eyes, the veil pulled aside. It’s trust and finally believing, wings that no longer want to fly away, even when they know they are free. Forever.

It’s sugar that tastes like sugar, because there are no secrets, no poison masked in the form of her wildest dreams. It’s honesty. It’s swimming deep within her, so she no longer fishes for promises. It’s the love of setting skies and watching the stars all wrapped into the way she looks at him. It’s the time that never runs out, the infinite orbit. He is her galaxy.

It’s the day she wanted a fireplace and not a wild fire. Its seeing the ceiling and seeing the sky, all wrapped into one soul. It’s being okay with silences because they were empty and his presence was filling enough. It’s hearing the word love and seeing his face, it’s writing until the words come alive, until they capture the soul of him. Love.

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