Self Care

Sometimes, silence means more than words.

And sometimes, loving yourself more is better.

Sometimes, saying goodbye also means saying hello.

To being happy.

To knowing that you’re enough.

To accepting you cannot fix everything.

Sometimes, tears mean more than actions.

When the feeling in your stomach

Becomes reality

And you know it’s time to let go.

They tell you to work hard for what you want

But what happens when you work yourself

To death

Over something that’s killing you

That shatters your hopes and dreams,

And forces you to swallow them

Chalking them up to foolishness.

They told me the pain would heal

The memories would fade

but they didn’t tell me

what would happen

to my heart

how long it would take

to fall in love again

with me.

Choose you. Always choose you.

It’s the one thing you have left when the storm is over.

It’s the one person who will always pick you back up

From the pieces they left you to deal with

On your own.

They fell in love with a puzzle,

But didn’t care to complete you.

Fall in love with your complexity

Your abstract.

Your essence.

You do not need another half

If it does not make you whole.

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